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We, at Rockford Tow Truck, provide a range of towing services, to make sure that all of our customer’s expectations and needs are satisfied. From mini cars, smart cars to a big truck or hummer, our trucks can handle it all. We have been towing cars in the Rockford IL area for years.

Light Duty Towing: This is towing for cars that are under roughly 10,000lbs. Most standard cars fall in this category and can be towed very easily using out trucks. For cars that have died due to a dead battery, won’t move because of a flat tire or have been in a car accident, our drivers will hook up your vehicle and take it to the nearest car repair place or another location.

Medium Duty Towing: This is towing for vehicles that are about under 20,000lbs. This can include vans or some trucks. Whether you are locked out of your car or just need your large vehicle towed somewhere, Rockford Towing Company can handle it. Some other local tow truck companies can only handle loading small cars and do not own the right equipment to load large cars. However, Rockford Towing Services does and handle medium duty towing jobs.

Heavy Duty Towing: This is for vehicles such as RVs, buses, trailers. Our company has the latest equipment, trucks and cables to load these heavy and large vehicles. We do this without leaving any damage. Very few local towing companies in Rockford can tow the largest vehicles. It takes state of the art equipment to do this but do not worry, when you call Rockford Tow Truck Services, our team can handle this.

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Need Car Towing Service?

Are you in need of a dependable and affordable vehicle towing company in Rockford? Towing Pros is here for all your automotive towing needs. We offer reliable and immediate solutions for your disabled or damaged vehicles, providing not just towing service but also excellent customer care before, during, and after the process has been completed. Our skilled fleet of tow trucks are available round-the-clock all year long to answer any need.

So if you have run into trouble along the road due to running out of gas, being involved in an accident, experiencing car lockout problems, or having a dead battery, our towing pros will be there in no time to come to your rescue. We offer free 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and will come to your location anywhere in Rockford, IL.

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