Car Lockout Service

Towing Rockford is the most hardworking towing company in Rockford IL. We not only provide the best towing services but we offer additional services including car unlocking services or locksmith services in Rockford IL. When you have locked your car keys inside the car or in trunk, we can help you safely open the doors to get to your keys. You may have been distracted taking groceries out of the car or your child in a car seat and this distraction causes you to lock and shut the doors without realizing the keys are still inside. It is a very frustrating experience and no driver or passenger wants to go through it. It is even more of an emergency if you have left your child or pet inside. Whether the weather okay or bad, it will still put you in a panicking state of mind which is completely understandable. Many locksmiths in Rockford know that this is an emergency and that drivers will pay almost anything to get help. They will charge crazy rates for a simple service. We don’t do that. We are not in the towing and roadside emergency business to take advantage of our customers. We charge fair rates to get the job done. We guarantee that our rates are the best in Rockford. Anyone charging dirt cheap prices may damage your car doors or windows and not care after doing so. If you want a company that will handle you car with the best care, get the job done quickly, and offer this service at great prices, then you need to call Rockford Towing Company at 815-362-6220.

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Locked Out of Your Car?

Many people aren’t even aware that they have locked themselves out of their car until it’s too late. That’s because a huge percentage of automotive lockouts happen in the first ten minutes after locking the doors!

If you recently lost your car keys or locked yourself out of your car in Rockford IL and have absolutely NO spare car keys on you, then you are going to need a company that specializes in car lockouts. That’s where we come.

We have helped many Rockford drivers who have made the mistake of locking their keys in their car or trunk. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. We understand that you can easily be distracted and lock your doors before realizing your keys are not in your hands.

Give us a call for cheap locksmith services in Rockford IL 815-362-6220.

Car Lockout Service